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    Social Media Marketing

    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    social media marketing

    Social media is best way to catch up all terms for apps and websites. Twitter is a social site where people can share short messages and media links with others.

    On other hand Facebook is huge users social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events, groups and a variety of other activities.

    Succeeding in social media marketing is not as easy as it used to be.

    It’s getting harder to show up on your followers’ feeds.

    Want good traffic from Facebook? You have to pay for it.

    At a time when organic reach on major social media networks is declining, you’ll need to implement a solid marketing strategy to make the cut. Here are social media platform given where we can implement social media marketing.

    fb logo


    Facebook may gone ups and down over the period of time.  From long time many businesses invested into building audience and making pages. Now Facebook changed how those posts end up in the newsfeed. Today organic reach is limited. Now Facebook is a “pay-to-play” social network.

    You can still lead with a good content and value-based social media strategy. Every Facebook strategy needs a budget to promote posts.

    Facebook is still the heavy-hitting social media channel. Because of its huge userbase which we think its very important in social media marketing



    Instagram has become THE social media network. It’s easy to generate content for, has solid engagement, and still has a true flywheel that you can build over time. As you build your audience, you can still depend on being able to reach them with every post unlike Facebook which became “pay-to-play.”


    Twitter was the one of the heavy hitting social networks. If you wanted a serious social media strategy, you had to have an engaging and active Twitter account.

    Today Twitter isn’t considered a channel for a social media strategy. The half-life of tweets are exceptionally short, it’s really difficult to get them to go viral, and a lot of people have decided to avoid Twitter because it’s too difficult to use. While it can still be worth pursuing, it’s definitely no longer a requirement.


    LinkedIn is the hot social media networks. The engagement on LinkedIn posts are off the charts, easily outpacing Twitter profiles and Facebook pages.

    If you’re B2B, I strongly recommend that you make LinkedIn a core part of your social media strategy. It’s too hot to pass up right now. Read Some essential Seo Tools


    YouTube has gained momentum in last few years. The user is almost is big as Google and the user engagement is off the charts.

    The one major downside is how much effort and money that great video content requires. There’s certainly shortcuts and corners to cut in the beginning, but it’s always going to require more effort than some of the other social networks.

    That said, YouTube is worth the effort. Use these guides to ramp up quickly:


    Pinterest doesn’t get nearly as much attention in digital marketing circles as it should. Yes, the Pinterest audience is overwhelmingly female. You should strongly consider making Pinterest a priority if your target market skews towards females and you have a highly visual product.

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